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The Silver Lining Foundation

Film – A Safe Space

The Silver Lining Foundation presents A Safe Space (film). This film project from the youth led, youth oriented organization documents the harsh realities and inspiring testimonies from local and international families and individuals dealing with issues faced by the LGBTQ community. “A Safe Space” tells the story of the genesis and work of The Silver Lining Foundation. The Foundation’s raison d’être stems from the untimely death by suicide of a young 16 year old teenager. His mother, Katherine Kazanjian, relates…

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Generation Change

In October of 2013, The Silver Lining Foundation received international funding to launch a Caribbean youth LGBT movement. The aim of this movement was to assemble a coalition of young voices throughout the Caribbean calling on regional leaders to consign to their promises of equality for and inclusion of LGBT people in their countries. It is hoped that this initiative will beget a new generation of change in the region as young people become empowered to stand up and demand…

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